Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Welcome to Carolina for Amani!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the new site for Carolina for Amani, a student organization on UNC-Chapel Hill's campus that raises funds and support for the New Life Home Orphanages in Kenya! We are so excited about raising awareness for the New Life Homes, the HIV/AIDS orphan crisis, and adoption in Kenya!

Our parent organization is the Amani Children's Foundation, a non-profit based in Winston Salem, North Carolina! Check it out at

We meet Monday nights at 9 p.m. in Room 207 of the Campus Y if you want to get involved on UNC's campus.

Our mission:
1. Raising money for the New Life Home Orphanages through the sale of beautiful, hand-painted Kenyan jewelry.
2. Utilizing university interns to make the adoption process more efficient, accessible, and safe in Kenya.
3. Making the UNC-Chapel Hill community excited about the precedents the New Life Home Orphanages is setting for the treatment of orphans!

We would love for you to get involved, so contact us if you want more information! We will keep you updated as progress is made on the 2010 summer internship program to Kenya and will post upcoming events and updates!

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